About Us

Discover the Essence of Indian Craftsmanship with Us!

India Sourcing Solutions is more than just a product sourcing company – we are your gateway to the rich tapestry of India’s artisanal wonders. With a team forged from diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for quality, we take pride in bringing you the best of Indian craftsmanship.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Trinity Martinez: Hailing from the vibrant heart of Mexico. A fusion of scientific precision and artisanal passion, Trinity wears multiple hats with grace. As a qualified biochemist, she brings a meticulous approach to product sourcing, ensuring you get nothing but the best. Her expertise in leather, honed from three generations of tanners, makes her an unparalleled guide to high-quality leather goods. Beyond that, her familiarity with textiles and plush children’s toys sets her apart. The vibrant hues of Rajasthan have captured her heart, and her close ties with suppliers in this region ensure authenticity in every product. Fluent in English and Spanish, she bridges cultures effortlessly.

Adriaan Rossouw: A proud South African. With a solid corporate foundation in the automotive sector, Adriaan brings a unique perspective to product sourcing. His expertise in lean production and quality management ensures that our suppliers consistently deliver top-notch quality. An art enthusiast at heart, Adriaan has an impeccable eye for woodwares, art metal ware, hand-printed textiles, and leather goods. His linguistic skills span English, German, Afrikaans, and Spanish, making him a global communicator.

Saanvi Patel: Delhi-born, Saanvi is the artistic soul of our team. As an award-winning artist and storyteller, she channels her creativity into sourcing both contemporary and traditional artistic products. With a penchant for vibrant home décor accessories and Indian jewelry, she captures the essence of India in every curated piece. Saanvi’s extensive local connections ensure that our clients always get genuine and high-quality products. As our local coordinator, she seamlessly manages organizational matters, ensuring a smooth and enriching sourcing experience for our clients.

Our Journey

The sourcing saga of Adriaan and Trinity began in the vast expanses of China. Yet, India, with its rich tapestry of cultures and crafts, beckoned them home. Now, with Mexico’s warmth, South Africa’s resilience, and India’s diversity in their hearts, they, alongside Saanvi, form a formidable trio. Each member adds a unique hue, making India Sourcing Solutions a kaleidoscope of expertise.

Why Choose Us?

  • Diverse Expertise: From chemicals to craftsmanship, our team’s vast experience ensures top-notch quality and authenticity.
  • Intercultural Experience: With a blend of global backgrounds, we understand the nuances of international business, making your sourcing journey seamless.
  • Local Connections: Our deep ties with local suppliers mean you get genuine products at the best prices.

Join us on a journey through India’s artisanal lanes, and let’s create sourcing stories together!